Tuesday, December 12, 2006

John Pippus

I sat down to write this review as a last minute thing before I head off to Thailand for 3 weeks. In a rush, I loaded the music to take a listen hoping it would be either really, really good, or terrible so I could write something quick. I was in luck. Immediately when I loaded the first song by John Pippus, Run For Cover, I was impressed and also incredibly calmed in spite of my needing to rush around packing suitcases and tying up loose ends. I stopped and I listened.

This music can be best described with one word: nostalgic. Listening to that first song, Run For Cover, you're suddenly overcome with this sense of being at a prom in the 60s in some small American town. Man of Constant Sorrow is reminiscent of Johnny Cash or Tom Waits, with the haunt of an a capella ringing out after lights out at Folsom.

There's a slight Latin-American sound to the song, Blurry Photograph. You can just as easily imagine this song being sung in Spanish as you can in English.

John Pippus is definitely something to check out. While Seasons is not my favortie song of the bunch, the other 3 on John Pippus' Myspace page are great. This is not a sound I expected to come out of Vancouver. Excellent, go check 'em out.

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