Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Would you pay $1 for a song?

How about 1$ for 2 songs? 3 songs? How about this I will send you 3 songs that will blow your mind for just $1. Man this sounds like an infomercial, but really I am just trying to cover some costs and get some feedback on some music I am working on with a band that wishes to remain anonymous. So let's do this and build on what is already becoming a great musical friendship!

Thanks in advance!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Music Lovers...

I have been back to my old habits of posting, the not, then posting then not. I have a backlog of music I am trying to get to reviewing for The Steamroller, and I will hopefully be able to tackle it very soon.

In the meantime I want to offer my loyal readers a special offer. I have a number of songs that I have been working on with a certain band that wishes to remain anonymous, but they are looking for some unbiased feedback as it's a bit of a departure for them. I can tell you that they are a pop/rock band that is venturing into some very interesting directions.

The band has given me the go ahead to charge a whopping $1 for the song they wish to get some feedback on. I don't have a system set up at the moment to sell downloads, like itunes or anything, so I will have to email it to those of you who wish to have a listen.

This is for serious music lovers only! Just follow the Buy Now button to pay with Paypal, and I will email you the song.

Thanks in advance!