Monday, December 18, 2006

Clockwork Drummer John

Sometimes it can be very humbling being in the music business. Sure, you can walk around pretending you know this and that, and all that other shit too. But the reality is, unless you have a parent who was in the business, or some kind of wicked hook-up, it's all trial and error. I mean I've been working (slaving) in the music industry in some form or another for nearly 15 years. I've performed on many albums, with many bands, even playing many instruments. I've produced, engineered, played hundreds of shows across Canada, and in the states, yet everyday I find myself looking out into space trying to figure out how the hell am I going to pull this off. I never had anyone tell me, "hey this is how to be successful in music...." I've read books, articles, blogs. I've listened to business ideas from all sorts of people in all sorts of industries, yet nothing really seems to prepare you for what the next phase is. I may sound fairly vague here, but recent events have yet again stumped me to the point of wondering, "how the hell did I wind up in this business, and why would anyone want to?" Is it the love of music? Maybe. That would probably be the text book "indie" answer I suppose. Is it the challenge of trying to conquer a dying industry that once possessed more influence over the younger generations than government, parents, or religion? Is it the rush you get when your on stage as the crowd cheers when you finish playing a song that you wrote in your bedroom at 3 am, smoking out your window, trying not to wake up your room mates? Is it the never ending goal of living up to your hero's? Trying to become as memorable as John Lennon, or Kurt Cobain, or Johnny Cash? I believe it's a bit of all these things for me. Sometimes I draw from something completely different all together to keep going. Something personal, heartbreak, joy, an accomplishment, a disappointment. It could be anything, but the point is we keep going. I am the first person to feel sick to my stomach when a friend and co-musician tells me he sold his gear and can't play anymore. Honestly, when I hear that I want to vomit. I could not imagine a world with me and no instruments to work over. The thought right now as I write this makes me queezy. Maybe thats it! Thats why I can't stop. It's like Clockwork Orange when what's his name has his eyes held open and is forced to watch "The Ultra Violence" while listening to classical music. Maybe someone brain washed me into thinking that if I can't be a musician, I feel sick. Just like Stanley Kubrick wanted it. Damn, I'm gonna go watch that movie now, see ya.

John Simmonds

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Anonymous said...

all the way from phuket.... it's ultra violence. 'crazy' in thai is ting tang. you're ting tang.

John Simmonds said...

oops, oh bad. oh wait! I'm lord steamroller. I have the power to go back in time and fix it! ting tang this yo!