Friday, December 08, 2006

Earlstown Winter Rocks The Main

Earlstown Winter played the Main last night in Vancouver and despite the slight delay in releasing the album, Easy Roads, Easy Skies, this show was a success.

The atmosphere in the Main is that of a sort of bohemian coffee house, except the beverage of choice is beer. It was somewhat quiet, subdued, just happy people enjoying the din of each others ramblings. That is, until Earlstown Winter hit the stage. The band woke the audience up, smiles lit up every face and there was one table in particular who found themselves so heavily into the music, they danced and hooted and clapped the whole set through. When Earlstown Winter left the stage, after a short solo acoustic set by Jonathan Truefitt, this table pleaded for more and were granted their request for a short encore.

The band woke up the snoozy Main by opening with the energy of Easy Roads, Easy Skies and the energy heightened during songs like Bright Lights. Eyes glazed and bodies swayed with a zen-like pleasure, to Anywhere But Here, and One of The Lonesome.

I've seen Earlstown Winter play at the Main before, and they were spectacular then, too. But last night, the atmosphere and general mood of the crowd was electric. Excellent show.

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1 comment:

John Simmonds said...

Well said. That was a great performance. It's such a treat to see them in such a small place because a year from now they will be playing larger places.