Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dead or alive? part 1

Well for the purpose of this post....dead. I often find myself at work day dreaming about some of my rock hero's, and how their tragic deaths changed both me and music. I try to put together rock super groups consisting of only dead rock stars. Sometimes at lunch time some of my co-workers and I will kick it around and come up with some pretty interesting band combinations. Now, I always play the realistic one in the group, and try to put a band together based on musicians that I think would work together, but i suppose there really isn't a wrong way to do it. So I am going to list my modern day dead rock star super group. Musical genre? I don't know. Band chemistry? Who knows, but what the hell, like I have said before, it's my blog and I make the rules up as I go along. So here it goes.

drums: Randy Castillo (ozzy, crue, and others)
bass: Jason Thirsk (pennywise)
guitar: Steve Clark (def leppard)
guitar & vocal: Bradly Nowell (sublime)
vocal: Shannon Hoon (blind melon)

yeah yeah, I know. What about kurt, what about layne.....well if you think you can do better, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Brad Nowell all the way, but I think Layne Staley is a God over them all when it comes to vocals. John Bonham on drums hands down.
- Bildo

John Simmonds said...

yeah it was a tough call, but I think for this line-up Bradly would work better. And as for Bonham, or should I say GOD, I would have had him on the kit for sure, but I was sticking to more modern day rock stars. Maybe when I write "dead or alive? part 2" I'll make it dead 70's rockers.