Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spork Kills, New Video

Friends of The Steamroller, Spork Kills, have just released a video for the track "Night of the Hip N Dead" from their debut EP "Beaches Love Us". Spork Kills are the fathers of Surf Rap and they must be checked out.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heat Ray release 3 new songs for free download

After the success of their debut single, Spit it out, Warning! Heat Ray! graduate from home recording duo to studio band, releasing three new songs for download on May 4th 2009. If you enjoyed the blunt lyrical content or dense textural layers found on their previous recordings, you'll find the new material builds upon these characteristic traits.

The beat goes on is a taut three-minute workout that breaks and explodes like a sonic aerial explosion which, though hinting at Queens of the Stone Age styled stonerisms, is a vehement tirade against the greed of city bankers. Permanent Machine revels in the band’s love of dub reggae, and is a personal invocation to simply ‘get it done’.Finally, My quiet riot is lyrically fuelled by anger and mercilessly fires a shot into the outsized belly of stadium rock.

You can listen to and download these songs by clicking this link :

Your password is: freedom (and this will expire one week from now).

These songs comprise a 3 track EP, and can be individually downloaded for free, or listeners can choose to download at higher bit-rates and pay whatever they like.

About the band.

With three new band members in tow, WHR are now an electric quintet, with the concurring sound containing additionally addictive additives.

The band has been gigging in and around London and, having built a loyal following, are looking forward to their confirmed appearance at Oxford’s Cornbury Festival with further festivals and high profile gigs (including a support slot with British ska legends The Beat) to be confirmed.

For further information, contact - warningheatray@gmail.com

Warning Heat Ray! www.myspace.com/thegreenstoneproject

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Black Eyes and Neckties UK Tour

Black Eyes and Neckties | Front
Black Eyes & Neckties recently signed to the William Morris Agency over in the UK and we couldn’t be happier. Their first trip over there will be happening in May and tour will be based around them playing the infamous Dot to Dot Festival . If anyone has friends over there, let us know. We’d love to invite them to the shows and maybe they’d even want to be super generous and offer a place to rest our weary bones. Here’s what we have confirmed so far - more to come!
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Free Indie Music is never a bad thing

paidContent.org - Indie Radio Station Launches Free Music Site - washingtonpost.com
At a time when some of the big music sites are raising their prices, one new venture is offering to give its music library away for nothing?on the theory that free tunes will actually increase sales by introducing people to music they wouldn't otherwise have known about.

WFMU, an independent radio station in New York City with audiences online and on terrestrial radio, launched the Free Music Archives today. The database consists of individual tracks that users can download for free and listen to on portable devices, or as music for audio or video productions and other miscellaneous uses, like podcasts (via ReadWriteWeb).

Based on a quick scan, the database mostly consists of tracks from unsigned artists or those on small, independent labels. And therein lies the big challenge for WFMU: While giving away music may provide much-needed attention to the new acts, it's unlikely to drive a material amount of sales, as these acts still won't have the marketing and promotion muscle that signed acts do. We were not able to reach WFMU to find out if any larger acts are included in the service.

WFMU has partnered with fellow indie music champions KEXP, dublab, KBOO, ISSUE Project Room and CASH Music to choose those tracks they feel represents the best new music available today. The move follows on the heels of yesterday's announcement that Universal Music Group and YouTube formed their own partnership called Vevo?that one is a for-profit venture, though.
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Thursday, April 02, 2009

New Indie Store on Itunes

Hmm, not sure how I feel about this yet. On one hand it sounds like a great way for indie bands to reach more fans without the help of a major record label, or a record label period, but on the other hand what about all the record stores that are already struggling? How will this affect them? You could always count on the your favorite record shop to have the obscure titles that the big guys won't, or at the very least be able to get them for you. Sure they are often more expensive, but it doesn't hurt the wallet as much when you know more of your money is going to the artist and not the many companies involved from the label to the distribution, to the 8000 sq foot record store, leaving a few cents per unit for the song writters.

iTunes Launches Indie Store
Oh tiny independent record store, now you have even more competition. The good people at Apple have apparently decided that it isn't enough that independent artists seem to get a pretty decent share of the normal iTunes Store homepage, so they've gone and created this "Indie Spotlight" feature, which only features independent artists. The feature is currently only in its soft launch phase, so there's a possibility that we're going to get some new features out of this, but currently there's a list of indie podcasts, indie artist playlists, and not much else.

The homepage prominently features Vetiver, bloghouse/New York Times golden boy Wavves, Neko Case, Fever Ray, Lemonade, Cut Copy, and Animal Collective. The artist playlists include Bon Iver, Hercules and Love Affair, Diplo, Switch and Digitalism. What does this all mean, since it's not like these are things that aren't avaiable through the normal iTunes store? Well, it could mean that the people at iTunes are genuine lovers of independent music who just wanted to show some love for "the most innovative aspects of music... coming out on indie labels all over the world," like it says on the page of the store dedicated to Wavves. It could also mean that Apple has got a bunch of cool dads sitting around in the office, who've recently become aware of the money to be made in marketing independent artists to an increasingly "hip" demographic of music consumers, and the importance of looking cool.

Whatever the reason, if this results in independent artists and labels getting a little more cash funneled their way, or the Indie Spotlight feature being used to break new artists, then Apple deserves a pat on the back.
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Indie, what does it mean?

CN&R > Music > CAMMIES: Indie/Experimental, Hip-hop, Electro > 04.02.09
You have your indie rock, you have your experimental. You have your indie-experimental. How about alternative? The Alternative Nation? What does it mean? It’s all so confusing.

Labels in music are silly, yet they’ve always functioned as a way to help record companies sell their product … back when they sold product. If you took the term “indie” at face value, every band in Chico would be considered indie.

“Indie rock appears to be a very subjective term,” says Nolan Ford of this year’s CAMMIE-nominated The Secret Stolen. “It doesn’t really define what the music sounds like as much as it is concerned with classifying bands by their promotional philosophies.” Fair enough. TSS does it DIY, while putting out some serious rock ’n’ roll—the kind you’d hear if you crossed Melt-Banana and George Thorogood.

Experimental is much more simple to define, although what exactly does one have to do to be considered experimental? Maybe play a double-neck mandolin with your toes? Let’s just be happy there are bands in Chico pushing the boundaries of sound (as we box them into an easily identifiable category). This year’s nominees are eclectic. And the voting was so close that the category has grown by two bands.

First-time nominee Dr. Yes! is one man and an arsenal of gadgetry. Sometimes he brings a band along for the ride (called The Soulgazers). It’s krautrock meets disco meets psychedelic. Categorize that.

Maybe experimental means your band has no vocals—like jazz, you have only the notes telling you what you’re supposed to feel. As is the case with Red Giant and La Fin du Monde—two bands, sans vocals, that tip-toe and stomp over a number of styles including jazz and metal. They’ve made a lot of friends without saying a single word.
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