Thursday, January 26, 2006

Welcome to Worn Records

Welcome to Worn Records. This label is committed to the discovery and promotion of new talent from within the independent music community. The development of artists and musicians from an open minded, rich in quality, view point is what Worn Records strives for. This site was created in order to share great music with the world, beginning with three amazing bands from Vancouver B.C. (see Talent on the right). Worn Records is also focused on providing opinions and articles on anything and everything music related or just important to the well being of our souls found in The Steamroller e-zine(coming soon). 308 Productions is another aspect of Worn Records that provides high quality inexpensive recordings for it's artists or aspiring musicians that just need a helping hand in order to get their demo together. Worn Records is always seeking new talent and demo's can be e-mailed from the Seeking New Talent page. Check back often for updates on WR artists regarding album releases, events, comments from the band members, and news from the indie world. Thank you for supporting independent music.

John Simmonds
Founder - Worn Records