Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Saturna - Review

First off, I have to ask, what is "Shoegaze"? On Saturna's myspace page they list their three musical genre's as, indie/rock/shoegaze. Well I tell you, you learn something everyday. Sure enough "Shoegaze" is an actual genre according to Wikipedia. And now that I know what it is I have realized that I'm probably the biggest "shoegazer" in the history of music, not having seen Saturna live yet. Which brings me to their music.

I was able to listen to three songs by this quartet from just south of the border down in Portland, Oregon. My first impression was good, I was intrigued, wanting to listen further, and thats a good sign for sure. I'm sitting in my studio with the speakers just pinned blasting "Pop Rocks". This song first makes me think of The Kills, but way better. It starts with a great beat, followed by a wicked bass line that people could dance to, or just bop their heads. The chorus, while maybe a tad cheesy, comes off really well. This song would go over well at any house party, shindig, get together, or bar mitzvah.

"Just For Thrills" kicks my ass right out of the gate. It starts with that same kind of "Kills" feel, and then busts into a more old school rock tune. It feels like that train that used to pass right by my house when I was a kid. The vocals in the chorus are reminiscent of a somewhat sober Scott Wieland in Velvet Revolver's "Set Me Free". I like that song in case you were wondering.

Lastly, a little gem entitled "Blanket Of Stars" hits my monitors. This song starts off a little slower than the others. It takes about minute before I realize that this is the best song of the bunch. Kind of Deftones, maybe a bit Floyd even, but I think their is really only one word to describe this last song..... Saturna. This song is incredible from the first second to the final fade out. I love the haunting vocals, the distant almost infectious guitar tones. This song just melts together.

Saturna is a band that I would love to watch live. I enjoyed their recordings, but I'm sure it wouldn't compare to seeing them in a small club, having a few pints. You know Vancouver B.C. is only a few hours away?

"saved by the bell - rock rating"
a.c. slater and a half a zack

huh? what the hell does that mean?


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March, 30 2008
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Vancouver, British Columbia

With Bob Mould