Tuesday, March 13, 2007

it's alright, cause we're saved by the bell

so since i will be reviewing bands for the steamroller starting this week, i have decided to create my own personal ranking system for the bands i review. i would encourage all of the writers here at the steamroller to do the same, or if they would like, feel free to use mine. my ranking system is called the "saved by the bell, rock rank". i know, it's ingenious. but before i start throwing out rankings like it's 1990 all over again, let me explain how it works. it's quite simple, there are 6 levels. the best being "zack", and the worst being "screech". here are all the possible levels:


a.c. slater






happy music reviewing.

the writer formerly known as "lord steamroller"


Carrie Haggerty said...

I have a problem with your ranking system....are you gay?

because if memory serves me correctly KELLY was the best of the best, and should be treated as so.

Go Gay, lord have mercy on your soul!

jds308 said...

perhaps you are correct, but i honestly thought that a.c. slater should have been the best. but zack was the star of the show so he gets to be. i'm sorry you feel so conflicted about this, but this is the way it is, and this is going to remain, so there, neener neener.

Clino said...

Nice review Ninja. Cool rating system.

Worn Records said...

sweet man, glad you like it. keep on rockin' with the e.w. and don't forget about the "dude rock"!