Saturday, March 31, 2007

Favored Nation

Ok, so first let me say this, in some miracle of foresight I listened to Favored Nation the first time our wonderful editor asked me to start doing reviews. The first time I listened to this it reminded me of that Kids in the Hall song, "The Daves I know"

Now, being from Toronto, I have never ever heard of these guys, except through Steamroller, and I really found it pretty funny. I don't know if it's supposed to be, but hey, keep em guessing guys, that keeps it interesting.

The Good:

Screaming Pre-Pubescent Girls, Statutory Rape Charges, Trials, Notoriety, Good Family Friendly Sounding Music. You could be the next R. Kelly, and if you keep it in your pants, you'll never have anyone know you like to relieve yourself on chicks.

The Bad:

The Maritimes (where I grew up) have been churning out this kind of music since 1991, and the east side of Canada has been listening to this stuff forever now. Do you really want to aspire to be the next Sloan/Eric's Trip deal, even if you are trying to be funny? The sound is so, well, done. So good luck with that.

All in all, great shoe gazer music, nothing you haven't heard before, but hey, it's not like you've been locked up in a room with Ann Coulter, giving a speech on the decline of morality in America

Joel Out

"saved by the bell - rock rating"

huh? what the hell does that mean?

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Anonymous said...

I actually Favored Nation very enjoyable to listen to. I found a lot of potential in their songs.