Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Spork Kills, The Fathers of Surf Rap

Check these guys out, very cool, and very unique! Never thought I'd see the day surf and rap fused, but hey here it is! Now I know what you're thinking; Dick Dale meets Snoop Dog! Now, yes I agree that would be pretty sweet. But I think this may even top Snoop and his "nothin' but a g thang" with a surf backdrop.

Seriously though check these guys out! Nothing like I've ever heard before:

AP (Associated Press) Sept, 2008

"Madness! It can't be true!" This was the headline in world news when it was announced that someone had finally found a way to fuse rap and rock without sucking. The year was 2004 & unsuspecting indie rap renegade, Louis Dorley née louis logic, was about to step foot into another routine overseas collaboration, this time with Copenhagen production syndicate Nobody Beats the Beats. As fate would have it, the engineer who was to record this magical session fell ill and was replaced by flamenco guitarist extraordinaire, Laust "Juelz" Jeppesen. It was a classic case of loathe at first site when the two discovered they shared the same disdain for the monotony of 1994 rap revivalists. Three hours and one run of the mill rap song later, plans for a secret summit were orchestrated to invent something the hip hop world hadn't seen in years: The Next Cool.
In attendance at this freak show power summit were Jeppesen, Dorley and former hitman turned teen idol, Rolf Sigurd Heat. The discussion began simply enough with the objective to shun all things reeking of regimented rapping and banal beat-smithing. In no time the ill fated trio had whipped up a helping of original, sample-free, live music smacking of an early Roots album outtake. It was then that they realized they must go further. Their travels took them into unfamiliar territory, hacking their way through the overgrown forest of 50's and 60's white music "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" style.

At first, it was the ooze of sleazy lounge lizard jazz, which gave way to circus like waltzes and even histrionic Anglo spy scores. Then, born in the wake of a series of personal tragedies, sanctimonious late night speeches about reaching true potential and ice cold beers, the first Surf Rap song in the history of mankind materialized. Naturally, as was the case with man's first walk on the moon, something so exciting could not simply be explored once. Or rather, it could, but this trio was determined, neigh, bent on reshaping the rap game into something silly enough to enjoy once again. So it was that in this the year of our lord 2008, Spork Kills would rise to fame as the Fathers of Surf Rap.

Now Available:

Spork Kills "Beaches Love Us" EP
(featuring "Night of the Hip 'N Dead" Video)

Spork Kills


Anonymous said...

Black Widow is the renewing of Hip Hop.

You need to hear this song...you need to buy this EP.

Louis & Spork Kills are the TRUTH!!!

Grub Sessions said...



samiha said...

experimentation gone right!!

CharlieWin said...

This is THE most innovative project I've heard in a long while.

Johnschwan said...

It's refreshing to have Louis and friends rewriting what is hip-hop!!!

Jenna said...

This EP is worth every $ bone! Spork Kills is very addictive!!...it's my new crack!!!

PhiLL! said...

Something to change your perspective on the future of music. Just when you thought it was going in the trashcan. Lou has you dumpster diving for that treasure! Super dope for the music junkie!

whitey503 said...

This is exactly what I need in the summer when I'm DJing parties. Keep up the good work Louis!