Friday, March 06, 2009

Indy Hostel - Cheap Indianapolis Hotel, Music, and Events

Check out Indy Hostel, a cheap hotel in Indianapolis for a great place to stay when passing through, or staying a while. I was just looking through some of their events listed on their web site and this place is pretty cool. They put on shows for sing/songwriters, local and from around the world. Nothing better than rolling into town, hitting the shower, followed by a few beers and some great music.

It reminds me of the old Niagra Hotel back in Vancouver except well..... nice. I remember back in the day I played a show at the Niagra opening for the Dayglo Abortions. What a show! I think Gob may have played as well, but it didn't matter. Once Dayglo's hit the stage all bets were off. I still remember them busting into "I Wanna Be an East Indian", much to the displeasure of the one East Indian fellow in the audience. Actually to be fair I think he wasn't all that bothered by it, it was more the drunken white red necks that just decided to give him a hard time. Other than that minor lapse, it was a fun, drunken show/evening. At least until I got to my car after the show only discover it had been broken in to. That sucked. My brand new cd player was gone, bastards. Insurance covered it, but not before a long drawn out fight with ICBC.

Anyway, back to Indy Hostel. This place would be very cool to play or visit if you are passing through Indianapolis. Very friendly folks run the place, they always know what's going on around town and more things to do. Check them out and drop them a line, even it's just to say hi!

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