Friday, August 31, 2007

new format for the roller

Hello Steamroller reader. That is if that last reader is still even around, either way... So since The Steamroller has been inactive due to a number of different reasons, I have been forced to take a look at a new format for this blog. I have considered a few options as in, celebrity nude photo's and gossip, questions & answers regarding steamrollers, Micheal Vick - from a dog's viewpoint, or maybe even a page dedicated completely to Nickelback, and who they had blow for their success. Now these are all awesome ideas, but after much deliberation at the latest Steamroller board meeting with me and myself (I was on vacation), I have decided to go with a more personalized, traditional approach to this blog. Although this blog was originally designed to feature up and coming bands, and report indie music news on behalf of my indie record label Worn Records, that is going to slightly change as well. I will still report relevant indie music news, and do reviews for bands, but not as regularly. I plan on simply writing about a wider variety of topics. Whatever comes to mind that day. It could be music related. It could be about my record label, or about any of my bands, or projects I'm working on. Or it could be about the weather, or sports, or politics. I don't even know for sure yet. All I know is that I generally have a lot to say, so I may as well dump it on my blog. And until I can run and maintain a proper music blog, i figure this is the best way to go.

So anyway, thanks for your patience during this transitional period here at The Steamroller, and thanks to all the bands who have participated in the Indie Band Showdown over the last year. Feel free to continue sending me music to check out, but I am going to reserve publishing any reviews for bands and artists that leave a real lasting impression. Laters!

John Simmonds

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