Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Willis In My Head

Former Vancouver, B.C. power pop/rock/punk/ska explosion, Willis, is currently working on a 10 year anniversary album, so to speak. They have been "on hiatus" since 1999, but have recently felt the need to re-record their back catalogue and release it as a complete album once and for all. This semi popular local band had the potential to break through, but never quite pulled it off before disbanding, and moving on to many other projects over the following decade. They released a couple of e.p.'s including 1998's "Steamroller" which drew some significant attention.

The songs are catchy and infectious and at times, even a bit quirky. Fronted by the fun, easy going lyrics of Amy Ferguson, and a rhythm section that powers it's way to the fore front, Willis is timeless. The back catalogue sounds as relevant today as it did 10 years ago, and this upcoming album is a sure thing.

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