Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Radio Corruption

Does anyone else feel like it's time for a real Rock Revolution? We need to take the power back and reclaim the airwaves. I mean I'm only 30, born in 1976, and grew up listening to Corey Hart, Bryan Adams, Men At Work, Journey, ect... I mean my parents didn't even listen to rock music. My older sister however did listen to some cool music. To be honest it was her that originally introduced me to punk music. But my point is it seems that once you hit a certain age it becomes more difficult to get introduced to new music unless you really want to. And it's not hard to find, so why is it that so many people still fall into the marketing trap of radio selling advertising space. I listen to lots of radio and my god, some days I truly look forward to the commercials more than the music. The station we have on at work (mainstream new rock format) plays a show at noon called the nineties at noon. And they do actually play some cool stuff from time to time. And by cool I just mean stuff you don't hear very often. In fact a lot of the cool stuff like Bad Religion, Dinosaur Jr., and Social Distortion, I can't recall them playing those bands when it was current. Or here's a great example of mainstream rock radio having no clue what's going on. Sublime? If you were to put the radio on for an 8 hour period, you would hear 2-3 sublime songs. Now thats not as many times as you would hear the latest Killer's single, but considering how long the singer has been deceased and the band has been none existent, you would think they are the biggest thing today. I love Sublime and I do enjoy hearing them at work, but where were the programmers 10 years ago!!! Get it together! Think outside the box, and let's attack mainstream radio and force them to play lesser known indie bands without major label corruption.....I mean backing.


Anonymous said...

I dig what you say .. but at the same time, i'd rather have sublime than most regeritated "rock" styles in the mainsteam currently

John Simmonds said...

yes same here, but my point was simply, why do radio programmers treat sublime as though they are this new found phenomenon? I would rather hear them than the latest nickelback shit too, but if radio can call themselves "new rock" then find some. Sublime was good 10 years ago and got that way without any radio play, just like there are many great rock bands out there now that aren't getting played while we continue to be force fed more nickelcrap!