Monday, November 13, 2006

National Product? National dullsville...

National Product draws the listener in with warm, acoustic stylings, strings and heartrending hooks. My favorite song is "Allison" one that lyrically goes deep into the eye the hurricane of a heart's ache, for in that eye, the heart is filled with hope, surrounded by the complexities and shades of gray that are often evident in unhappiness and unsuccessful love. Product

Now let's be fair. I am not a huge fan of "radio-friendly rock", but I am forced to listen to it most week days while selling electrical supplies at work. Therefore I may not be the most qualified to comment on bands of this sort but hey, this is my E-Zine and I'll do what I want (nee-ner-nee-ner-nee-ner). But anyway, I came across this review of the Florida band "National Product", and I figured, "hey I know a lot about radio-friendly rock, and I know that 90% of it that I hear I hate, and therefore I'm going to write about it." This band is no exception. They are very well produced, they sound like competent musicians, and they have lots of hooks in their song writing. The only problem that I have with their music is that it SUCKS! It's boring, mediocre, and extremely unoriginal. I realize this may be a wasted argument, but when will mainstream radio get it? Give the listener an uninfluenced choice and they will make the right one. I don't mean to pick on National Product exclusively, but I just happened across this review on them while on a day off from my regular job, thus not requiring me to listen to the mainstream radio bull shit I normally would be. I could probably go on and on for about 16 pages about this topic, but I will end my rant here. I gotta save some for future articles.

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