Friday, November 20, 2009

the 2009 best of lists....

It is time for all those best of 2009 lists. Well i stumbled across an artist "THE UNIT BREED" who had some interesting lists of his own CHECK THIS OUT

Top 3 dreams this month

1. swimming with my dad while he explains how he will be island hopping by holding onto a rope tied to a cruse ship. While he starts his journey I float off in my sleeping bag across the water to a suburban island. A friend of mine joins me and breaks into a house where two little kids live. There father comes out and thinks I'm there to purchase porn. The real porn buyer shows up behind me and I back away and join the blacks down by the docks where we dance and drink while a live band plays the blues.

2. While walking along the sidewalk of a large city, possibly new york, I am with three beautiful women. A carnival is passing bye. The carnival consists mostly of rocker kids in punk get ups on top of burned out cars playing trashy music and showing off there peacock feathers. One of the cars makes a harsh turn and the band on the roof falls to the street but continue to play.

3. There is a head that is inside of another head and we all walk outside of a pair of eyes that is the backdrop to a theaters stage. The audience are in penguin suits. Everything empties out and I am standing alone in what once was an active beautiful theater but now looks as if it has burned down in the 1920's.
Top 3 brain foods

1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seed's - Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! - 2008
2. Terry Gilliam's - Brazil - 1985
3. Carlos Castaneda's - The Art of Dreaming - 1993

Top 3 life changing experiences
1. Smoking DMT
2. The death of my father
3. Loosing the hearing in my right ear

Top 3 recent visions

1. There is a man who is following me. He is not part of this world. I've most recently seen him in my basement, at a close friends house in portland, and the most pronounced appearance was at 4 am at the Gingerbread House in San Jose CA the day after Halloween where he walked up to me and vanished.

2. There is a doorway inside of my basement. I've only seen it once. It opened in the center of my room and someone's shadow closed it.

3. The week following my DMT experience a white haired goat creature began peeking into my window. He has not been seen I spoke about him.

Top 3 stupid tricks imagination drugs lights shadows and mirrors can play on you
1. Dimensional non understanding
2. The beginning and end of all things
3. Perfections simple wonder

- Joe / The Unit Breed
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