Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heat Ray release 3 new songs for free download

After the success of their debut single, Spit it out, Warning! Heat Ray! graduate from home recording duo to studio band, releasing three new songs for download on May 4th 2009. If you enjoyed the blunt lyrical content or dense textural layers found on their previous recordings, you'll find the new material builds upon these characteristic traits.

The beat goes on is a taut three-minute workout that breaks and explodes like a sonic aerial explosion which, though hinting at Queens of the Stone Age styled stonerisms, is a vehement tirade against the greed of city bankers. Permanent Machine revels in the band’s love of dub reggae, and is a personal invocation to simply ‘get it done’.Finally, My quiet riot is lyrically fuelled by anger and mercilessly fires a shot into the outsized belly of stadium rock.

You can listen to and download these songs by clicking this link :

Your password is: freedom (and this will expire one week from now).

These songs comprise a 3 track EP, and can be individually downloaded for free, or listeners can choose to download at higher bit-rates and pay whatever they like.

About the band.

With three new band members in tow, WHR are now an electric quintet, with the concurring sound containing additionally addictive additives.

The band has been gigging in and around London and, having built a loyal following, are looking forward to their confirmed appearance at Oxford’s Cornbury Festival with further festivals and high profile gigs (including a support slot with British ska legends The Beat) to be confirmed.

For further information, contact -

Warning Heat Ray!

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