Sunday, February 22, 2009

Playa Dawgs - Round 2

So apparently all the pictures and videos from last weeks historic Playa Dawgz first live performance at Bad Boys Beach Bar in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico were accidentally erased. It sounds suspect to me, but hey what do you do.

So anyway, another Saturday means another opportunity for the Playa Dawgz to hijack the stage from JJ and the Nasty Bastards at Bad Boys Beach Bar. This time however, a few pictures were captured and even some video.

We played 3 songs this time. Sabbath's Paranoid again, went really well, tight, and Andy could again easily pass for the the prince of fucking darkness! Next was the newest addition to the set, Smokin' In the Boys Room. We do the original Brownville Station version justice but honestly I think we were more inspired by the later Motley Crue version! It wasn't quite as good as we had done it in practice, but none the less we kicked the shit out of it! And last we once again ended off with ZZ-Tops's La Grange. Good tune, crowd pleaser, rockin', what can I say it's a 12 bar blues song!

All in all, the evening was a great success, fun was had by the Playa Dawgz, the crowd, and i'm sure even the Nasty Bastards. After we finished playing and reveling in the glory, we had a few beers and chatted up some of the poor buggers on vacation that have to go home soon. Suckers. I met this one guy who was wearing a Drive By Truckers shirt. I was impressed as you don't meet a lot of Truckers fans, especially here. Cool guy, we talked rock for a while. I didn't hang out to long as the night was still young, my liver was still fairly dry, and there was hockey games to go watch.

Next week we are looking to add Billy Idol's Rebel Yell to the set. We'll do 4 songs if JJ will allow it, but 3 again for sure. Not sure which one we'll drop if we have to. I guess we'll wait and see what happens. Either way it should be a hoot! It's great to be doing some playing again, and with a couple of great guys Andy and Eric. Unfortunately Eric is heading back home to Minnesota in a couple weeks, so I think we only have 1 or 2 Saturdays left with this line up of the Playa Dawgz. Andy and I will be continuing on after Eric leaves, hopefully finding another guitarist worthy of completing this trio of "bark" and destruction!

And for the videos... of course you can barely see me, but that's nothing new to me as a drummer. We always seem to be hidden behind someone, or something in nearly every shot. It's all good though, thanks to Rick for the videos:

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