Thursday, November 20, 2008

Music, Webs, Addictions...

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a do-it-yourself type of guy. For years I have always taken on large projects, sometimes bigger than I can handle on my own. Often this leads to me getting frustrated and too bogged down to finish or it just takes forever to get it done. I released a solo album in 2006. I worked on that album off and on for nearly 8 years. And ever since finishing it all I have wanted to do is start over and do it better this time.

I'm also the type of person that likes to figure things out, I hate being stumped. My current project is redesigning, including this blog, The Steamroller. I recently changed careers from seller of electrical supplies to search engine optimization guy. Now I know you're saying, "What? Music isn't paying the bills?" I know it's hard to believe, but me, like most musicians have a bad, bad addiction. No, not heroine. Not cocaine, booze, meth, or pills. We are addicted to our art. It's who we are, and not something we can change even if we wanted to. Many try to rid themselves of the music demon, but ultimately they end up back in the same place, or the same but different, simply reinventing their art or the situation in which they create. The lucky ones who do kick the habit end up simply replacing one addiction with another making themselves believe that they're addicted to the lesser of two evils.

What's my point? This web site. I am not a web designer by trade, but I have picked up many skills in my current occupation, as it does relate. I have wanted to redesign for quite some time now, but it's always been a few notches down on the priority chart. I now find myself in a state where this redesign is at the top of my project list and it's been a pretty eye opening experience. I find that I am just as addicted to finishing this project as I have been to other past music projects. I suppose I currently fall into the replacing one addiction with another category. I would say that the new site is going to be very cool. It started as a plan in my mind, and I have slowly been creating it. Much like the way I write music, I end up with too much going on in my head at any given time and it usually takes me stepping away from the project to get some clarity.

In any case, it's going to get done and it's going to kick ass. I hope to be showing it off pretty soon!

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Brian said...

I wish you the best of luck! I'm compiling a list of indie band blogs, so I'll def. bookmark this page for once i have the list posted on my website.

And I feel ya on the music addict thing. I can't live without it!