Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Annunaki - Review

The Anunnaki (also transcribed as: Anunnaku, Ananaki) are a group of Sumerian and Akkadian deities related to, and in some cases overlapping with, the Annuna (the 'Fifty Great Gods') and the Igigi (minor gods). The name is variously written "da-nuna", "da-nuna-ke4-ne", or "da-nun-na", meaning something to the effect of 'those of royal blood'[1] or 'princely offspring'[2]. Wikipedia

Well I don't how any of that relates to these five mates from Red Deer Alberta, but I suppose a name can just be a name. Annunaki have only been together since 2004, and based on the songs I am checking out on the bands myspace page, they have some polishing to do on their sound. I could totally see these guys playing a high school, or small town hall dance on a Friday night. You know like that scene at the end of the movie Footloose before Kevin Bacon shows up to get the party rocking? Everyone just kind of sitting there uncomfortably while the music fills the air space in the otherwise silent room.

First off "My Hands Are Tied" starts off with a gentle guitar lick that to me seems slightly out of tune with the rest of the band. It may just be a tremolo effect that's making it sound off, but either way, I wish they had cleaned it up. Otherwise it's a pretty catchy song, highlighted with a wicked guitar solo. Vocally it's fairly dry, nothing unique and honestly no passion behind the lyrics.

Next up is "Taking Over The World". This cut had to me my least favorite out of the bunch. Again there is some nice lead guitar work in there, but the vocals, both lyrically and their delivery are killing this song. I mean does the singer even have a pulse? On their website they claim to pride themselves on their live show. I can only assume they get pumped and put some energy into the vocals on stage.

Last is "These Men". This song starts off with an almost Mark Knopfler kind of feel with some nice picking. It builds up quite nicely before exploding into a skynyrd like instrumental type of chorus. Again the vocals do this song no justice, but it sounds like he's at least trying a little harder on this one. Definitely my favorite out of the three.

For the short time these guys have been together I give them props. They know how to play, and I like the folk, roots rock, country style they're going after. Take some more time in the studio, especially working on the vocals, and you may have something. Nice guitar work, but watch the tuning on the rhythm git. Drums and bass are tight, but nothing exceptional. Having said that, next time I pass through Red Deer, and if they're playing, I'll check these guys out.


"saved by the bell - rock rating"

huh? what the hell does that mean?


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