Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thermals - interview

At the risk of delving too far into the hyperbolic, over the past half-decade, the concept of spinning a new version of the perennial dystopian tale seems almost redundant. Whichever side you happen to land on in the great, American political debate, its tough to deny that the world has seem been seemingly teetering on the edge of mushroom clouds or hellfire for the past five or so years. Surely telling the tale of pre-apocalypse is just a manner of extending things to their logical end.

"I hesitate to call it a concept record," Thermals singer/guitarist Hutch Harris says of The Body, The Blood, The Machine. "It's not like the record that Green Day put out a couple of years ago. I've never made a record like that, where there was a story from song to song that all tied together. We didn't set out to do that. I think if we would have, it wouldn't have turned out as good." More Here...

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